Patricia Wanping Wu

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Cisplatin, one of the most commonly used anticancer drugs, is known to cause inner ear hair cell damage and hearing loss. Despite much investigation into mechanisms of cisplatin-induced hair cell death, little is known about the mechanism whereby cisplatin is selectively toxic to hair cells. Using hair cells of the zebrafish lateral line, we found that(More)
Thyroid hormone (T 3) increases the transcription of the sarcoplas-mic reticulum Ca 2ϩ adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) gene (SERCA 2) through three thyroid hormone response elements. The existence of repetitive cis elements with different configurations is likely to serve specific functions such as interactions with nuclear transcription factors. In(More)
Estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) is a ligand-dependent nuclear receptor that is important in breast cancer genesis, behavior and response to hormone-based therapies. A T7 phage display screen against full-length human ERα, coupled with genome-wide exon arrays, was used to identify RAC3 as a putative ERα co-regulator. RAC3 is a Rho family small GTPase that is(More)
We have previously published results from a screen of 1,040 FDA-approved drugs and bioactives (NINDS Custom Collection) for drugs that protect against neomycin-induced hair cell death (Ou et al., J Assoc Res Otolaryngol 10:191-203, 2009). Further evaluation of this drug library identified eight protective drugs that shared a common quinoline scaffold. These(More)
Infective endocarditis (IE) is an uncommon but potentially devastating disease. Recently published data have revealed a significant increase in the incidence of IE following the restriction on indications for antibiotic prophylaxis as recommended by the revised guidelines. This study aims to reexamine the basic assumption behind the rationale of prophylaxis(More)
HYPOTHESIS The zebrafish lateral line can be used to identify small molecules that protect against cisplatin-induced hair cell death. BACKGROUND Cisplatin is a commonly used chemotherapeutic agent, which causes hearing loss by damaging hair cells of the inner ear. There are currently no FDA-approved pharmacologic strategies for preventing this side(More)
BACKGROUND Peritonitis has been independently associated with increased morbidity and mortality in peritoneal dialysis patients. However, there are few reports on peritonitis in hemodialysis patients. We aim at investigating both the risk profiles and prognostic impact of peritonitis in hemodialysis patients. METHODS This nation-wide longitudinal study(More)
BACKGROUND Low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) techniques can reduce exposure to radiation. Several previous studies have shown that radiation dose reduction in LDCT does not decrease the diagnostic performance for appendicitis among attending radiologists. But, the LDCT diagnostic performance for acute appendicitis in radiology residents with variable(More)
Iophendylate is an oil-based contrast agent used in conventional myelography before the 1980s. We report an unusual case of an 82-year-old woman with iophendylate migration into the intracranial cerebrospinal fluid space after myelography 40 years ago. The patient was treated conservatively and followed up regularly.
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