Patricia W. Ingraham

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Most literature on public sector networks focus on how to build and management such systems and ignore the potential political problems networks can create for organizations. This paper argues that individual network nodes can work to bias the actions of the organization in ways that are likely to benefit the the organization’s more advantaged clientele.(More)
This article fills a gap in both the public management and human resources literatures by applying a conceptual model supported by a criteria-based evaluative framework to assess and compare the nature and capacity of city government human . resources management systems. Various management reforms have swept through many American governments recently, but(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the benefits of switching to didanosine compared with continuing zidovudine among patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) who have previously used zidovudine and have signs of clinical deterioration. DESIGN Randomized, double-blind, two-armed, parallel, comparative clinical trial with a blinded, compassionate(More)
This paper presents the first large N study of public management quality and its impact on program performance. Using five years of data from over 1000 Texas school districts, we measure quality as the additional salary paid to school superintendents over and above the normal determinants of salary. This measure of managerial quality is positively(More)
In the 1990s all levels of government witnessed many reforms intended to enhance government performance. These reforms included a number of management techniques that focused on improving government’s strategic capacity. “Managing for results” (MFR) — the careful setting of public goals and measuring efforts to achieve them — was a central reform effort.(More)
Warren M. Barclay New Jersey Department of Personnel Evan Berman University of Central Florida James S. Bowman Florida State University David G. Carnevale University of Oklahoma N. Joseph Cayer Arizona State University Sandra Chapek City of El Cerrito Robert B. Cunningham University of Tennessee Dennis Daley North Carolina State University at Raleigh(More)
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