Patricia Vickers

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AIMS Pregnancy amongst under 16s has been reported to result in worse outcomes for the baby, including low birthweight. This study aimed to find out whether the under 16s need to gain more weight during pregnancy to avoid this outcome. METHOD A retrospective case control study of pregnancy outcomes in girls delivering before the age of 16 and women(More)
Healthcare professionals need valuable up-to-date information on diabetes management and skills to treat and educate patients with diabetes mellitus. The Diabetes Education for Healthcare Professionals program was developed to provide healthcare professionals with current diabetes management skills. It was also designed to increase the number of certified(More)
A diabetes education program for healthcare professionals evolved out of a series of discussions among healthcare providers. This group realized the importance and the necessity of developing a current knowledge base for themselves, their clients, and their clients' families. The target audiences for this program were physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and(More)
The availability of web-based technology provides the public with convenient and alternate forms of obtaining information and communicating with essential service providers (such as electric utilities). No previous studies on web site accessibility have focused specifically on web site access to consumer utilities information resources. This study(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine reading, demographic, social and psychological factors related to pre-adolescent smoking and non-smoking behaviors and attitudes. The school-home humanistic education program was implemented in a large, urban public school system. It stressed responsible decision-making, increased self-esteem and the(More)