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Five bacterial strains, one from each of the five known species of the plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB) Azospirillum (A. brasilense, A. lipoferum, A. amazonense, A. halopraeference, and A. irakense) were inoculated into two natural, semiarid soils (terra rosa and loessial sandy) from Israel, and two artificial soils constructed to simulate the native(More)
Given the abundance and strategic importance of ring fiber-plants in metropolitan area networks, and the accelerating growth of Internet traffic, it is crucial to make use of recent advances in optical networking technologies such as WDM, ROADMs, OXCs and tunable transceivers in order to offer the most cost-efficient traffic transport. The objective of this(More)
In this paper we discuss the fabrication and characterization of three dimensional (3D) micro- and nanoelectrodes with the goal of using them for extra- and intracellular studies. Two different types of electrodes will be described: high aspect ratio microelectrodes for studying the communication between cells and ultimately for brain slice recordings and(More)
Conducting polymer 3D microelectrodes have been fabricated for possible future neurological applications. A combination of micro-fabrication techniques and chemical polymerization methods has been used to create pillar electrodes in polyaniline and polypyrrole. The thin polymer films obtained showed uniformity and good adhesion to both horizontal and(More)
In this work we report a novel three dimensional electrode array for electrochemical measurements in neuronal studies. The main advantage of working with these out-of-plane structures is the enhanced sensitivity of the system in terms of measuring electrochemical changes in the environment of a cell culture in real time. In addition, the system is devised(More)
We report on the synthesis, and photovoltaic performances of four novel Ru(ii)-bipyridine heteroleptic complexes TT206-209, incorporating branched and bulkier alkyl chains compared to their linear analogues C106 and CYC-B11 previously reported. In both series, we found that dyes containing 2-methyl-hex-2-yl substitution gave better performances than(More)
We present the performance of a new proportional gas detector. Its geometry consists of a cathode plane with 70x70 µm 2 apertures, crossed by 25µm anode strips to which it is attached by 50µm kapton spacers. In the region where the avalanche takes place, the anode strips are suspended in the gas mixture like in a standard wire chamber. This detector(More)
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