Patricia Trotel-Aziz

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Previous experiments showed that seven bacteria identified as Acinetobacter lwoffii (PTA-113 and PTA-152), Bacillus subtilis (PTA-271), Pantoea agglomerans (PTA-AF1 and PTA-AF2) and Pseudomonas fluorescens (PTA-268 and PTA-CT2) induced systemic resistance in grapevine against Botrytis cinerea. Based on these findings, we investigated biocontrol capacity of(More)
The rhizospheric Bacillus subtilis PTA-271 (271) and endophytic Pseudomonas fluorescens PTA-CT2 (CT2) and Pantoea agglomerans PTA-AF2 (AF2) bacteria are able to induce systemic resistance (ISR) in grapevine against B. cinerea, but ISR markers and their costs remained unknown in vineyards. In this study, we investigated the relationship between the(More)
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