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With the advent of new technology in vehicles, drivers can access information in many different forms (email, address books, Web pages) and from many information sources (cell phones, PDAs, driver support systems). With these new information sources finding their way into cars comes increasing concern about the potential adverse effects resulting from(More)
BACKGROUND Nurses are frequently interrupted during medication verification and administration; however, few interventions exist to mitigate resulting errors, and the impact of these interventions on medication safety is poorly understood. OBJECTIVE The study objectives were to (A) assess the effects of interruptions on medication verification and(More)
Systems Essentials Healthcare is a complex system that involves high risk to patients, clinicians, manufacturers, and other stakeholders. Clinicians process inordinate amounts of data and synthesize these inputs to make critical decisions that affect patient health and safety. The unprecedented advancement in medical technology during the past half-century(More)
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