Patricia Thomsen

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Responses to the belief statements indicated that elderly subjects who used supplements, either appropriately or inappropriately, had more misperceptions about vitamin/mineral supplements than elderly subjects who did not use supplements. These results indicate that the elderly need guidance from dietitians or other qualified health professionals to make(More)
Beliefs about and reasons for using vitamin/mineral supplements were investigated among 163 adolescents. Subjects' responses to belief statements about supplements and reasons cited for using supplements demonstrated both misconceptions and uncertainties. These results demonstrate the need for dietitians to routinely address the appropriate use of(More)
Anxiety, depressive and somatoform disorders are highly prevalent in primary care. Managing these disorders is time-consuming and requires strong commitment on behalf of the general practitioners (GPs). Furthermore, the resources for the management of these patients are limited by the increasing workload in primary care practices, especially in the German(More)
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