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Cyr61, a member of the CCN family of genes, is an angiogenic factor. We have shown that it is overexpressed in invasive and metastatic human breast cancer cells and tissues. Here, we investigated whether Cyr61 is necessary and/or sufficient to bypass the 'normal' estrogen (E2) requirements for breast cancer cell growth. Our results demonstrate that Cyr61 is(More)
We have shown that Cyr61, an angiogenic regulator, is overexpressed in invasive and metastatic human breast cancer cells and tumor biopsies. We have further demonstrated that Cyr61 promotes acquisition of estrogen-independence and anti-estrogen resistance in vivo in breast cancer cells. Moreover, we have demonstrated that Cyr61 induces tumor formation and(More)
It is unclear whether the misuse of statistical tests that compare patients' baseline characteristics and subgroup analyses in randomized controlled trials can be extrapolated to the surgical literature. We did an observational study evaluating the current use of baseline comparability tests and subgroup analyses in surgical randomized controlled trials.(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Despite overall improvements in asthma care through an increasing evidence base, disparities in outcomes of children of ethnic minorities and low socioeconomic status are well documented across healthcare systems. New interventions to reduce gaps in outcomes among these children are continually being evaluated. This article reviews the(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the follow-up care within 28 days of an emergency department (ED) visit for asthma and to determine the association of follow-up visits within 28 days with ED re-visits and hospital admissions in the subsequent year. STUDY DESIGN Population-based retrospective cohort study of children with asthma aged 2-17 years treated in an ED in(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis (PLCH) is rare in childhood but occurs most commonly in children with multisystem (MS) LCH. In adults, by contrast, the lung is the most common and usually the sole organ affected. This retrospective study describes the clinical manifestation, course, and outcome of PLCH in children consecutively diagnosed(More)
IMPORTANCE There is growing evidence that vitamin D plays a role in the pathogenesis of asthma but it is unclear whether supplementation during childhood may improve asthma outcomes. OBJECTIVES The objective of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of vitamin D supplementation as a treatment or adjunct treatment(More)
BACKGROUND While guidelines recommend that children with asthma should receive asthma education, it is not known if education delivered in the home is superior to usual care or the same education delivered elsewhere. The home setting allows educators to reach populations (such as the economically disadvantaged) that may experience barriers to care (such as(More)
The proliferation of technology has dramatically altered many facets of American society, especially education and the workplace. However, a "digital divide" cuts across socioeconomic lines separating higher income families with technology access from lower income families without. This technology training project provided computer access and training to(More)
OBJECTIVE Characterise lung ultrasound (LUS) findings, diagnostic accuracy and agreement between novice and expert interpretations in young children with respiratory tract infections and wheeze. METHODS Prospective cross-sectional study in a paediatric ED. Patients ≤2 years with a respiratory tract infection and wheeze at triage were recruited unless in(More)