Patricia Strohm

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We have compared a new commercially available non-radioactive protein kinase C (PKC) activity assay based on the fluorescent [A9,10K11]glycogen synthase1-11 analogue C1-peptide with a classical radioactive assay based on myelin basic protein4-14 (MBP4-14) and other substrates. The C1-peptide had lower affinity for PKC from rat brain than substrates such as(More)
An important issue in industrial quality control is the inspection of rapidly moving surfaces for small defects such as scratches, dents, grooves, or chatter marks. This paper investigates the potential of the EyeRIS 1.3 camera as a state-of-the-art camera based on “cellular neural networks” (CNN) for this application in comparison to(More)
The Enchondroma is a common, benign, cartilage forming tumour. They usually occur as a single, asymptomatic lesion. Occasionally patients present with multiple enchondromas which is generally defined as enchondromatosis. This entity encompasses several different subtypes including Ollier disease and Maffucci syndrome (enchondromatosis associated with soft(More)
CNN based cameras are able to process images in the kHz range in machine vision systems, as demonstrated for the closed loop control of laser welding processes. Other applications do not benefit from a comparable light source. This paper reports the current state of a LED based lighting for the inspection of cylindrical metallic surfaces on aluminum wires.(More)
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