Patricia Spiller

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The reliability of a modified videodensitometric and photodensitometric sampling technique for measuring phasic flow rates in the coronary artery system was examined. Electromagnetic flow measurements were performed in a circulatory model with continuous and pulsatile flow and intraoperatively in aortocoronary bypass grafts; cineangiograms were made(More)
Intraoperative measurements of blood flow were made in 44 patients in whom a total of 112 venous bypass grafts were inserted. Blood flow through the graft was measured by a standard electromagnetic device as well as by a new method, consisting of a roller pump run-off system. At an average of 5 months after operation all patients underwent control(More)
The influence of chronic volume load on ventricular function and myocardial load and shortening was investigated in 10 patients with chronic aortic regurgitation by means of biplane ventriculography and simultaneous pressure measurements. The regurgitant fraction was 63 +/- 15 per cent. Enddiastolic volume (EDVI 227 +/- 37 ml/m2), systolic (161 +/- 18 mm(More)
CONCLUSION The results suggest that after a sudden change in the visual input, postural adaptation is impaired in patients with instability and central nervous system disorders (CNSD). OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was the assessment of postural adaptation, as a transient phenomenon, when sudden changes in visual perception occur in normal subjects and(More)
We report on a 53-year-old patient in whom the aortic and mitral valves had been replaced. This patient developed Candida albicans sepsis with mycotic aneurysms of the tibial arteries as well as cerebral emboli under immunosuppression. Dispensing with a valve replacement operation, a sustained freedom from recurrence (period of observation currently 24(More)
For future experiments on investigation of high-energydensity (HED) matter at GSI where an intense heavy ion beam and a petawatt laser beam from PHELIX will be used simultaneously, a new vacuum target chamber is required. Due to dimensions of the laser guiding and focusing optics, the new chamber has to be considerably larger than the presently installed at(More)
This paper presents a preliminary report on a recent beamtime experiment on investigation of heavy-ion-beam generated high-energy-density (HED) matter. The experiment has been performed at the HHT experimental area of GSI on 11–17.12.2003. Goals of the experiment. Main goals of this experiment were commissioning of a new multi-channel pyrometer for(More)
1. Status of Operation In 2002 seven different ion species – C, Mg, Ni, Zn, Sn, Xe, and U – were accelerated in the SIS. Altogether 5715 h of beam time were provided for experiments. Another 239 h were used for accelerator tune-up and development. The total downtime of 239 h (4.5 % of the total operation time) was to a large extent caused by technical(More)