Patricia Solar

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The maxillary blood supply is essential for preserving the vitality of the affected maxillary region, integration of the grafting material, and wound healing such as following sinus floor elevation. Although it is well established that edentulous maxillae demonstrate a decreasing vascularity as bone resorption progresses, the vascular conditions relevant to(More)
Knowledge of the arterial supply of the maxillary sinus region is essential for surgical treatment in this area (e.g., implantation of grafting materials, repair of injuries, sinus floor elevation). The goal of this study was to describe the arterial architecture of the maxillary sinus region in respect to sinus lift procedures. In 18 unfixed human(More)
In this study a computer aided navigation technique for accurate positioning of oral implants was assessed. An optical tracking system with specially designed tools for monitoring the position of surgical instruments relative to the patient was used to register 5 partially or completely edentulous jaw models. Besides the accuracy of the tracking system, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the reliability of a commercially available 3D-MPR MRI program for the jaws for imaging the mandibular neurovascular bundle. METHODS A gradient echo sequence (TR: 49 ms/TE: 6.3 ms/flip angle: 25 degrees/excitations: 3) with a spectral fat suppression pre-impulse and a voxel size of 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.8 mm was designed. Cross-sectional and(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated the incidence, location, and height of antral septa and demonstrates their clinical implications. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred ninety-four maxillary posterior regions, subdivided into four groups (group 1, 61 clinically examined atrophic ridges; group 2, 41 anatomically examined atrophic ridges; group 3, 42(More)
Ziel dieses Beitrags ist die Vorstellung der Untersuchungsmöglichkeiten des Ober- und Unterkiefers mittels Magnetresonanztomographie (Dental-MRT) und ihre Anwendung bei der Diagnose zahnmedizinischer Erkrankungen. Sieben gesunde Probanden, 5 Patienten mit Pulpitis, 9 Patienten mit dentogenen Zysten, 5 Patienten nach Zahntransplantationen und 12 Patienten(More)
Following tooth loss, the maxillary alveolar ridge is affected by extensive resorption and its cancellous bone substance undergoes intense remodeling processes. This is particularly important for endosseous implant surgery as the primary stability and thus the prognosis of endosseous implants depends on the cancellous bone density and structure of the(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate the usefulness of Dental-MRT for imaging of anatomic and pathologic conditions of the mandible and maxilla. METHODS Seven healthy volunteers, 5 patients with pulpitis, 9 patients with dentigerous cysts, 5 patients after tooth transplantation and 12 patients with atrophic mandibles were evaluated. Studies of the jaws using axial T1-(More)
A variable number of septa, also referred to as Underwood's septa, divide the floor of the maxillary sinus into several recesses and may thus cause various complications during sinus-lift procedures. The incidence of Underwood's septa was evaluated by examining 41 edentulous maxillas. In 13 of these maxillas (31.7% of the cases), sinus floors with at least(More)