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Defining the transcriptomic landscape of Candida glabrata by RNA-Seq
Candida glabrata is the second most common pathogenic Candida species and has emerged as a leading cause of nosocomial fungal infections. Its reduced susceptibility to antifungal drugs and its closeExpand
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The Definition of Open Reading Frame Revisited.
The term open reading frame (ORF) is of central importance to gene finding. Surprisingly, at least three definitions are in use. We discuss several molecular biological and bioinformatics aspects,Expand
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Comparative Study on Alternative Splicing in Human Fungal Pathogens Suggests Its Involvement During Host Invasion
Alternative splicing (AS) is an important regulatory mechanism in eukaryotes but only little is known about its impact in fungi. Human fungal pathogens are of high clinical interest causing recurrentExpand
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Trends in mathematical modeling of host–pathogen interactions
In this review, we highlight the current trends in mathematical modeling approaches and related methods used for understanding host–pathogen interactions. Expand
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The landscape of the alternatively spliced transcriptome remains stable during aging across different species and tissues
Aging is characterized by a decline of cellular homeostasis over time, leading to various severe disorders and death. Alternative splicing is an important regulatory level of gene expression and thusExpand
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Xixiang ji Editions, the Bookmarket, and the Discourse on Obscenity: Wang Jide (d. 1623), Jin Shengtan (1608–61), and the Creation of Uncommon Readers
In 1921, Guo Moruo (1892–1978), the writer, translator, and critic, was asked to write a preface for a newly edited, vernacular version of the Xixiang ji (The story of the Western wing) issued by aExpand
Getting at It in a Single Genuine Invocation
1. Intr咽uction.........................................................................................33 2. From Manuscript To Print: Jin Shengtan's Tang caizi shijiaji (A First Volume of Poems byExpand
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Corporal Transactions: New Perspectives on Traditional Practices in China, India, and Africa
T four books, though situated within different disciplines and centered on African, Indian, and Chinese practices respectively, nevertheless share a common objective. Their authors seek to illuminateExpand
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Acts of translation: Jane Hirshfield, Chinese poetics and the practice of Zen
As poetry has been losing ground to other literary and non-literary arts in twentieth-century America, some writers have resorted to imaginative resources derived from the classical poetic traditionsExpand