Patricia Shaw

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  • Marcus Bernardini, Chung-Hae Lee, Ben Beheshti, Mona Prasad, Monique Albert, Paula Marrano +8 others
  • 2005
Array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) and microarray expression profiling were used to subclassify DNA and RNA alterations associated with differential response to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer. Two to 4 Mb interval arrays were used to map genomic imbalances in 26 sporadic serous ovarian tumors. Cytobands 1p36, 1q42-44, 6p22.1-p21.2, 7q32.1-q34(More)
Women who have an inherited mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes have a substantial increased lifetime risk of developing epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC), and epidemiological factors related to parity, ovulation, and hormone regulation have a dramatic effect on the risk in both BRCA mutation carriers and non-carriers. The most common and most aggressive(More)
  • Linh T. Nguyen, Pei Hua Yen, Jessica Nie, Nicole Liadis, Danny Ghazarian, Ayman Al-Habeeb +13 others
  • 2010
BACKGROUND Various immunotherapeutic strategies for cancer are aimed at augmenting the T cell response against tumor cells. Adoptive cell therapy (ACT), where T cells are manipulated ex vivo and subsequently re-infused in an autologous manner, has been performed using T cells from various sources. Some of the highest clinical response rates for metastatic(More)
This paper examines a biologically-inspired representation technique designed for the support of sensory-motor learning in developmental robotics. An interesting feature of the many topographic neural sheets in the brain is that closely packed receptive fields must overlap in order to fully cover a spatial region. This raises interesting scientific(More)
BACKGROUND A small number of recent reports have suggested that altered placental DNA methylation may be associated with early onset preeclampsia. It is important that further studies be undertaken to confirm and develop these findings. We therefore undertook a systematic analysis of DNA methylation patterns in placental tissue from 24 women with(More)