Patricia Salazar-Silva

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Lepidonopsis humilis (Augener, 1922) has been considered as an amphiamerican species, widely recorded in both the Grand Caribbean region and the Tropical Eastern Pacific. Based on type material and additional materials, L. humilis is redescribed herein and its distribution clarified and restricted. Furthermore, the identity of specimens from the Mexican(More)
The Central Mexican Pacific is an oceanographic transitional region with complex habitats and important conservation areas, but knowledge of its Ophiuroidea fauna is limited. A total of 61 localities on a variety of substrata were sampled between 2008 and 2014 using different methodology techniques. Twenty-four species were collected and members of the(More)
Among polychaetes, polynoids have the highest number of symbiotic species found living with a wide variety of marine invertebrates, including other polychaetes. Lepidasthenia Malmgren, 1867 and Lepidametria Webster, 1879 were regarded as synonyms but belong to different subfamilies, although both have species associated with thelepodid or terebellid(More)
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