Patricia S Williamson-Hughes

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The objective was to study the safety of a Napin-Rich Canola Protein Isolate (NRCPI) fed to rats at various levels for 13-weeks. The study included four groups (20 animals/sex/group) of young Sprague Dawley rats. They were fed ad libitum with an AIN-93G based protein-free diet containing, respectively, 5%, 10% and 20% (w/w) NRCPI (test article) or 20% (w/w)(More)
BACKGROUND High serum uric acid concentration (hyperuricemia) has been studied for its relationship with multiple adverse health outcomes, such as metabolic syndrome. Intervention studies have produced inconsistent outcomes for the relationship between fructose intake and serum uric acid concentration. METHODS The association of dietary fructose intake(More)
Dietary fiber has well-established beneficial effects on laxation. Many fibers have been developed with positive sensory properties and 2 such fibers are polydextrose (PDX) and soluble corn fiber (SCF), which can be added to many commercially produced products. We conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study comparing the(More)
OBJECTIVE Several reviews have evaluated the clinical evidence relating isoflavone treatment to the relief of menopausal hot flash symptoms. The majority of these reviews included a variety of isoflavone sources, often without discriminating between the identities of individual isoflavones contained in the study product. An evaluation of published studies(More)
BACKGROUND Relationships of sugar intakes with indicators of metabolic syndrome are important concerns for public health and safety. For individuals, dietary intake data for fructose and other sugars are limited. METHOD Descriptive statistics. The data from 25,506 subjects, aged 12-80 yr, contained in the NHANES 1999-2006 databases were analyzed for sugar(More)
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