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BACKGROUND Diagnosis of oral cancer is conventionally carried out using white light endoscopy and histopathology of biopsy samples. However, oral tumours are mostly superficial and the lesion and its margins can be difficult to visualise under white light. We present clinical data on fluorescence diagnostic imaging of oral lesions using hypericin, a(More)
A novel clinic protocol of virtual histology using an in vivo cellular imaging and real-time processing system is being developed. Main ideas of photoactivation and miniaturized confocal image scanning are presented. Technical innovation in embedded real-time image processing, feature detection and visualization system is demonstrated.
We introduce, validate and demonstrate a new software correlator for high-speed measurement of blood flow in deep tissues based on diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS). The software correlator scheme employs standard PC-based data acquisition boards to measure temporal intensity autocorrelation functions continuously at 50 − 100 Hz, the fastest blood flow(More)
Despite the advantages of using photodynamic therapy (PDT) for the treatment of head and neck tumors, it can only be used to treat early stage flat lesions due to the limited tissue penetration ability of the visible light. Here, we developed near-infrared (NIR) excitable upconversion nanoparticle (UCN) based PDT agent that can specifically target(More)
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