Patricia Rodríguez

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Business and mission critical real-time systems need to be fully predictable, in order that their behavior is known before deployment, even in the presence of faults. The Open Ravenscar Real Time Kernel (ORK) is a small size with reduced complexity kernel designed to be used in this type of applications. This kernel was implemented to be fully compliant(More)
Global warming is expected to influence lake gross primary production (GPP) and ecosystem respiration (R) by increasing water temperature and terrestrial export of organic material and inorganic nutrients from the catchment. We experimentally tested the effects of warming (3 °C) and natural humic river runoff, separately and in combination, on(More)
The limnological features of Lake Boeckella, the main water body of Esperanza/Hope Bay (Antarctic Peninsula), were evaluated over a 16-year period, under a climate change context evidenced by the increasing air temperature trend reported for this region for the last 50 years. We analyzed the physicochemical and phytoplankton data of the lake obtained from(More)
While the evaluation of intervention effects in single-case research has relied on visual inspection of the data (Kazdin, 1980), the description of graphical forms are not considered an adequate substitute for statistical tests (Edgington, 1980). Moreover, there are cases when graphical displays of data tend to be quite ambiguous and treatment effects are(More)
We conducted a 1-year survey in two humic shallow lakes from the floodplain of the Lower Paraná River, Laguna Grande Lake (LGL) and a relictual oxbow lake (ROL). We aimed to test two hypotheses: (1) the efficiency in light use of picoplankton (0.2–3 μm) is greater as light restriction increases and (2) the contribution of picoplankton to the total(More)
Turbid white urine 'albinuria' is defined as a urine discoloration described as milky or cloudy. One of the most frequent causes of turbid white urine is chyluria complicating filariasis (Table 1). The extant causes of albinuria are non parasitic and rare. Amongst their aetiologies stand excessive mineral sediment excretion such as calciuria and(More)
The ecological relevance of shallow lakes has been largely documented. The Pampean plain (Argentina) holds one of the main wetlands of South America, constituted by thousands of shallow lakes which provide valuable ecosystem services, and can be found in any of three regimes: clear-vegetated, inorganic-turbid or phytoplankton-turbid. Since these lakes play(More)
The SAS ® procedure for Student's t-test (PROC TTEST) has been a part of the SAS system of statistical procedures since its mainframe computer days. The procedure provides hypothesis testing and confidence interval estimation for the difference between two population means. By default, the procedure provides two estimates of standard errors, two hypothesis(More)
Seasonal primary productivities of periphyton and phytoplankton were compared in Grande Lake (GL) and a relict oxbow lake (ROL) in winter 2006 and summer 2007. GL was free of floating plants on the sampling dates and covered over 80 and 100% of the ROL surface in winter and summer, respectively. The 14C assimilation technique was used to obtain the P–E(More)