Patricia Plaza-Bolaños

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A fast and straightforward generic procedure for the simultaneous extraction of various classes of pesticides, mycotoxins, plant toxins, and veterinary drugs in various matrixes has been developed,(More)
Due to the wide range of pesticides that can be used in agriculture, the development of fast multiresidue methods that simultaneously determine polar and non-polar pesticides is greatly demanded.(More)
A method for the determination of 14 biopesticides and piperonyl butoxide (PBO), often applied in organic farming, in vegetables and fruits has been developed. Extraction was performed using the(More)
A comprehensive survey of the occurrence and fate of pesticides and organic contaminants in soils from an intensive agricultural area devoted to horticultural production in plastic-based greenhouses(More)
The assessment of the recovery factor with the analyte concentration in meat samples has been studied for the determination of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in meat by gas(More)
The analysis of brominated flame retardants, such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), has received increased interest because of their toxicity and ubiquity. According to European Union(More)
The occurrence of priority organic pollutants in wastewater (WW) effluents was evaluated in a semi-arid area, characterized by a high agricultural and tourism activity, as Almeria province(More)
A review of sample preparation and analytical techniques currently used to analyze pesticides in nutraceutical products is shown. Different sample treatments are commented, and the QuEChERS method is(More)
The analysis of a wide range of pesticides in wastewaters (WWs) undergoing different treatments (both modern and conventional) has been studied. The need for optimizing specific extraction methods(More)