Patricia Parada

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Asbestos brake linings and blocks are currently used in heavy vehicle brake repair shops (BRSs) in Bogotá, Colombia. Some brake products are sold detached from their supports and without holes, requiring manipulation before installation. The aim of this study was to assess asbestos exposures and conduct a preliminary evaluation of respiratory health in(More)
Asbestos and non-asbestos containing brake products are currently used in low- and middle-income countries like Colombia. Because brake products are distributed detached from their supports, they require manipulation before installation, which release fibers and expose workers. Previous studies of our research group have documented exposures in excess of(More)
We study in detail models with vector-like quarks, with special emphasis on their implications for CP asymmetries in B” decays. In this class of models ‘there are deviations from unitarity in the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix andflavor-changing neutral currents which, although naturally suppressed, may have important consequences. We show that even a(More)
We analyse ∆C = 2 transitions in the framework of a minimal extension of the Standard Model where either a Q = 2/3 or a Q = −1/3 isosinglet quark is added to the standard quark spectrum. In the case of a Q = 2/3 isosinglet quark, it is shown that there is a significant region of parameter space where D0−D̄0 mixing is sufficiently enhanced to be observed at(More)
The seesaw model of quark masses is studied systematically, focusing on its developments. A framework allowing the top quark mass to be of the order of the electroweak symmetry breaking scale, while the remaining light quarks have much smaller masses, due to the seesaw mechanism, is presented. The violation of the GIM mechanism is shown to be small and the(More)
Exposure assessments are key tools to conduct epidemiological studies. Since 2010, 28 riveters from 18 brake repair shops with different characteristics and workloads were sampled for asbestos exposure in Bogotá, Colombia. Short-term personal samples collected during manipulation activities of brake products, and personal samples collected during(More)
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