Patricia P. Martin Kovacs

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BACKGROUND: Lymph node (LN) metastasis is among the most important prognostic factors in colorectal cancer. The concept of sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping in colorectal cancer is bothered by variations of lymphatic pathways and skip metastases. For patients with resectable colon cancer, improved identification of LN disease would significantly advance(More)
Impulse formation and conduction disturbances of the heart were investigated in 23 uraemic patients with transvenous and oesophageal electrodes. Utilizing regular atrial pacing the sinoatrial conduction time (SACT) was obtained and sinus automaticity was evaluated by measurement of the sinus node recovery time (SNRT). The atrial effective refractory period(More)
Die hochauflösende Ultraschalluntersuchung hat große Bedeutung in der Beurteilung der Beugesehnen der Finger und deren Sehnenscheiden. Die Ringbänder lassen sich als hypoechogene Verstärkungen der Sehnenscheiden darstellen. Während beim schnellenden Finger und bei chronischen Polyarthritiden Veränderungen der Sehnen und Verdickungen einzelner Ringbänder der(More)
BACKGROUND In polytrauma and burn injury Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) develops. SIRS is presented in many hospitalized patients, including those who never develop infection or sepsis. Both in SIRS and sepsis the leukocyte activation occurs. In acute phase reaction leukocytes' upward flotation i.e. leukocyte antisedimentation rate (LAR) can(More)
Recurrent appendicitis is an uncommon complication after conservative therapy of perityphlitic abscess, and recurrent perforation is exceedingly rare [1]. Management of a perityphlitic abscess ranges from conservative treatment to emergency surgery. Conservative therapy includes drainage and antibiotic therapy, followed by interval appendectomy. While most(More)
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