Patricia Obando

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OBJECTIVE To estimate the occurrence and school-level clustering of drug involvement among school-attending adolescent youths in each of seven countries in Latin America, drawing upon evidence from the PACARDO research project, a multinational collaborative epidemiological research study. METHODS During 1999-2000, anonymous self-administered(More)
Resveratrol acts as a chemopreventive agent for cancer and as a potential antiobesity and antidiabetic compound, by leading to reduced body fat and improved glucose homeostasis. The exact mechanisms involved in improving hyperglycemic state are not known, but most of the glucose uptake into mammalian cells is facilitated by the GLUT hexose transporters.(More)
Patterns of comorbidity between depressive symptoms and substance use were examined simultaneously in community and clinical-based samples of 5268 Costa Rican adolescents, ages 12-20, through a series of descriptive, ANCOVA and logistic regression analyses. Groups surveyed included high school students, street youth, and youth in treatment for substance(More)
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