Patricia O'Sullivan

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This article provides information about correlates of "disruptive behaviors" among nursing home residents with dementia. We used averages of multiple observations for a wide range of behaviors (n = 45) across 11 months to gather this information. We placed behaviors into four separate categories: physically aggressive, physically non-aggressive, vocally(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the short-term effect of an exercise-based rehabilitation intervention on balance, mobility, falls and injuries. DESIGN This randomized, controlled trial with repeated measures was performed at an outpatient rehabilitation center. Elderly, ambulatory, community-dwelling volunteers underwent 6 wks of supervised stretching, balance,(More)
BACKGROUND Disruptive behaviors are prevalent in nursing home residents with dementia and often have negative consequences for the resident, caregiver, and others in the environment. Behavioral interventions might ameliorate them and have a positive effect on residents' mood (affect). OBJECTIVES This study tested two interventions-an activities of daily(More)
BACKGROUND Medical schools use supplemental peer-teaching programs even though there is little research on students' actual experiences with this form of instruction. PURPOSE To understand the student experience of being taught by peers instead of by faculty. METHODS We conducted focus groups with first- and second-year medical students participating in(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether vicarious empathy (i.e., to have a visceral empathic response, versus role-playing empathy) decreases, and whether students choosing specialties with greater patient contact maintain vicarious empathy better than do students choosing specialties with less patient contact. METHOD The Balanced Emotional Empathy Scale was(More)
Research on faculty development has focused primarily on individual participants and has produced relatively little generalizable knowledge that can guide faculty development programs. In this article, the authors examine how current research on faculty development in medical education can be enriched by research in related fields such as teacher education,(More)
Ajzen and Fishbein's theory of reasoned action was used to assess the relationship of nurses' attitude, subjective norm, and behavioral intention to their documentation behavior. Attitudes, subjective norms, and behavioral intentions toward documentation were elicited from 108 staff nurses. Documentation behavior was based on what should be documented in(More)
BACKGROUND Approximately 20% of deaths in the United States occur in the intensive care unit (ICU). Physician trainees lack the practical communication skills required for end-of-life care, including establishing patient preferences, participating in shared decision making, discussing prognosis, and delivering bad news. Utilizing facilitated, case-based,(More)
OBJECTIVE Since Engel introduced the biopsychosocial model, it has been extensively examined. The authors expect psychiatrists to formulate cases using the biopsychosocial model. However, resident psychiatrists' ability to generate formulations using this model has received little attention. METHODS The authors evaluated resident biopsychosocial(More)
BACKGROUND Entrustable professional activities (EPAs) can form the foundation of competency-based assessment in medical training, focused on performance of discipline-specific core clinical activities. OBJECTIVE To identify EPAs for the Internal Medicine (IM) Educational Milestones to operationalize competency-based assessment of residents using EPAs. (More)