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Automated sleep staging based on EEG signal analysis provides an important quantitative tool to assist neurologists and sleep specialists in the diagnosis and monitoring of sleep disorders as well as evaluation of treatment efficacy. A complete visual inspection of the EEG recordings acquired during nocturnal polysomnography is time consuming, expensive,(More)
The study evaluated a theory-based breast cancer control program specially developed for less acculturated Latinas. The authors used a quasi-experimental design with random assignment of Latinas into experimental (n = 51) or control (n = 37) groups that completed one pretest and two posttest surveys. The experimental group received the educational program,(More)
Central and peripheral airflow obstructions frequently occur in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease or asthma and may have different pathophysiological mechanisms of obstruction and require different therapeutic interventions. Impulse oscillometry (IOS) is a patient-friendly method for studying respiratory function in health and disease. The(More)
Impulse Oscillometry (IOS) is an innovative patient-friendly pulmonary testing technique which measures the respiratory system impedance (Z) by using the spectral components of pressure to flow ratio which yields resistance and reactance values at different frequencies. The high dimensionality of IOS measurement data makes the analysis of this information(More)
Impulse oscillometry offers an advantage over spirometry when conducting pulmonary function tests. Not only does it require minimal patient cooperation, it provides useful data in a form amenable to engineering methods. In particular, the data can be used to obtain parameter estimates for electric circuit-based models of the respiratory system, which can in(More)
Asthma is the most prevalent chronic respiratory disease in children. Reliable and patient-friendly instruments and methods are required to help pulmonologists accurately detect asthma with acceptable clinical accuracy, specificity and sensitivity. Impulse Oscillometry System (IOS) based on the Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) has been successfully used(More)
Sleep is a natural periodic state of rest for the body, in which the eyes usually close and consciousness is completely or partially lost. Consequently, there is a decrease in bodily movements and responsiveness to external stimuli. Slow wave sleep is of immense interest as it is the most restorative sleep stage during which the body recovers from(More)
Impulse oscillometry offers advantages over spirometry because it requires minimal patient cooperation, it yields pulmonary function data in a form that is readily amenable to engineering analysis. In particular, the data can be used to obtain parameter estimates for electric circuit-based models of the respiratory system, which in turn may assist the(More)
Cluster computing provides an economical alternative for high performance computing, that in the past could only be provided by expensive parallel supercomputers. Clusters are built with standard components and interconnected by various interconnection topologies. These interconnection topologies provide different approaches for communication between(More)