Patricia Mellodge

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A multilink sensorimotor integration model of frontal plane balance control was developed to determine how stance width influences the use of sensory feedback in healthy adults. Data used to estimate model parameters came from seven human participants who stood on a continuously rotating surface with three different stimulus amplitudes, with eyes open and(More)
(ABSTRACT) This thesis describes the current state of development of the Flexible Low-cost Automated Scaled Highway (FLASH) laboratory at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI). The FLASH lab and the scale model cars contained therein provide a testbed for the small scale development stage of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). In addition,(More)
We present preliminary experiences using the Arduino microprocessor platform in the undergraduate computing curricula, at both the upper and lower levels. The goal is to enhance student learning by engaging them in a contextualized project-based learning experience and introducing them to fundamental computing and engineering concepts in the context of a(More)
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