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Type-2 fuzzy sets are used for modeling uncertainty and imprecision in a better way. These type-2 fuzzy sets were originally presented by Zadeh in 1975 and are essentially "fuzzy fuzzy" sets where the fuzzy degree of membership is a type-1 fuzzy set. The new concepts were introduced by Mendel and Liang allowing the characterization of a type-2 fuzzy set(More)
In this paper, we describe a new method for the estimation of the fractal dimension of a geometrical object using fuzzy logic techniques. The fractal dimension is a mathematical concept, which measures the geometrical complexity of an object. The algorithms for estimating the fractal dimension calculate a numerical value using as data a time series for the(More)
In this paper a review of type-2 fuzzy logic applications in pattern recognition, classification and clustering problems is presented. Recently, type-2 fuzzy logic has gained popularity in a wide range of applications due to its ability to handle higher degrees of uncertainty. In particular, there have been recent applications of type-2 fuzzy logic in the(More)