Patricia Meirlaen

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BACKGROUND Anti-extractable nuclear antigen antibodies (ENA) are markers of connective tissue diseases (CTDs). METHODS We compared FIDIS reagents in the multiplex fluorescent microsphere immunodetection system to INNO-LIA and immunodiffusion for 174 antinuclear antibody-positive patients, 102 with well-defined CTDs and 72 disease controls. RESULTS No(More)
BACKGROUND Free light chains (FLC) are useful biomarkers in the assessment of plasma cell disorders. Concerns have been raised about some technical aspects of the assay. This report examined the occurrence of dilution anomalies and/or antigen excess. METHODS FLC were determined on a BNII instrument at at-least two dilutions (100- and 2000-fold) in 2088(More)
BACKGROUND Free light chains (FLC) are useful biomarkers for diagnosis and follow-up of plasma cell disorders. FLC quantification is encumbered by non-linearity and antigen excess (>4-fold difference between results obtained at the 2000- and 100-fold dilution). METHODS FLC concentration was measured with Freelite® reagents on the BNII, using 100- and(More)
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