Patricia Maldonado

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From the blood culture of an HIV-positive patient with a febrile syndrome (CD4 count 385 cells/microL and viral load nondetectable), Brucella canis was isolated. The patient was presumptively infected from his dogs, which tested positive, and showed good outcome after the therapy with doxycycline-ciprofloxacin, and the HIV infection would seem not to have(More)
OBJECTIVES In Colombia, some studies have estimated medical costs associated to traffic accidents. It is required to assess results by city or region and determine the influence of variables such as alcohol consumption. The main objective of this study was to identify health care costs associated to traffic accidents in Bogota and determine whether alcohol(More)
The negotiation methods have been applied in environment, systems or societies of different types. They have also been applied to the multi-agent systems. The investigations on this area have been centered in solving the agent's problems that interact to reach their objectives or to reach the system's objectives to which they belong. In this paper, we(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the cost of medical attention associated with traffic accidents in Bogotá, Colombia. METHODS Prospective observational study with data from adult patients attended to in the emergency centers of 6 hospitals. RESULTS Average total cost per patient was $1'112.000 COP. Average daily cost of hospitalized patients was $1'200.000 COP.(More)
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