Patricia Maggio

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Introduction: Asthma is a heterogeneous disease characterized by chronic inflammation of the airways. It is characterized by certain respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, dyspnea, chest tightness, and cough that varies over time and in intensity, also showing variable airflow limitation. Asthma affects 1 to 18% of the world population. Evidence suggests(More)
In order to rationalize the use of MR, which is a high cost technology and not widely available, we analysed comparatively the reasons of test requests and MR diagnosis. We selected three groups of motivations for requests: diagnosis, symptoms and aspecific symptoms: they all were related with MR results classifying concordance, negativity and discordance(More)
Autoimmune thyroid disease associated to Sjögren syndrome (SS) may be defined by serological and functional abnormalities. We studied the prevalence of serum anti-thyroid autoantibodies and the development of thyroid functional defects by a follow-up investigation in patients with primary (pSS) and secondary SS (sSS). In keeping with previous literature(More)
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