Patricia M Noonan

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In the current age of genomic health care, family history is an essential tool for health assessment, especially for those with chronic mental illness. Three methods of family history assessment (genograms, ecomaps, and pedigree analysis) are described and illustrated. Examples from the family history literature demonstrate each method's usefulness. These(More)
1. Removing barriers to graduate psychiatric nursing education is possible by delivering courses via the Internet. 2. The Internet is full of valuable resources for graduate psychiatric nursing education. 3. Successful online learning environments involve a paradigm shift on the part of faculty from traditional teaching to facilitating the learning of adult(More)
Previous research has demonstrated that for students with intellectual disabilities, improved self-determination skills are positively correlated with productivity and organization during school and quality of life outcomes in adulthood. Despite extensive investigation in these areas, the predictive relationship between self-determination and academic(More)
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