Patricia M. Mooney

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Columnar microstructure in step-graded Si(1-x)Ge(x)/Si(001) structures with low threading dislocation densities has been determined using high angular resolution (approximately 0.005 degrees ) x-ray microdiffraction. X-ray rocking curves of a 3-microm-thick strain-relaxed Si(0.83)Ge(0.17) film show many sharp peaks and can be simulated with a model having a(More)
Epitaxially grown lattice mismatched semiconductor structures are increasingly important for microelectronic and optoelectronic applications. Recently, a great deal of research has been done on strain relaxation mechanisms in lattice mismatched epitaxial films. Here we describe two high resolution x-ray diffraction experiments performed to study strain(More)
Si-Ge interdiffusion and strain relaxation were studied in a metastable SiGe epitaxial structure. With Ge concentration profiling and ex-situ strain analysis, it was shown that during thermal anneals, both Si-Ge interdiffusion and strain relaxation occurred. Furthermore, the time evolutions of both strain relaxation and interdiffusion were characterized. It(More)
In this work, we have investigated the effect of Antimony counter-doping in channel region of 4H-SiC MOSFETs with moderately doped p-body, relevant for power applications. Using this process, improved sub-threshold slope and high channel mobility have been achieved in conjunction with high threshold voltage. Our results indicate that the improvement in(More)
The high flux and density of x-rays produced at synchrotrons provide the microelectronics industry with a powerful probe of the structure and behavior of a wide array of solid materials that are being developed for use in devices of the future. They also are of great use in determining why currently-used materials and processes sometimes fail. This paper(More)
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