Patricia M. Kralik

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Levels of anxiety, plasma epinephrine and norpinephrine, and red blood cell (RBC) catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) activity were measured before and after 4 weeks of relaxation training in a group of 15 drug-free, anxious subjects and at a similar interval in a group of 15 drug-free, healthy controls. The index group showed significant decreases in(More)
Levels of platelet monamine oxidase activity, state anxiety and trait anxiety were quantified twice in 20 drug-free subjects with generalized anxiety and an equal number of healthy drug-free controls at 4-week intervals. Fifteen subjects in each groups also had plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine measured. The index group received relaxation training(More)
OBJECTIVE Cardiac glucose metabolism is critical to normal and pathological function. The significance of the first committed metabolic step, glucose phosphorylation, has not been established. In this study a new transgenic model was developed in order to investigate the importance of this enzymatic step in cardiac glycolysis. METHODS Transgenic mice were(More)
Platelet MAO activity in schizophrenics was significantly decreased, by about 15%, after 3 weeks of treatment with haloperidol. Treatment with thioridazine or butaperazine also tended to decrease platelet MAO activity. The neuroleptic-induced decrease began to appear within a few days of treatment and did not show tolerance over 1-2 months of treatment with(More)
The effect of diabetes in vivo has not been examined on isolated podocytes. To achieve this, GFP was expressed constitutively in podocytes of PGFP transgenic mice which were bred to OVE mice to produce diabetic OVE-GFP mice. Viewing GFP fluorescence, foot processes of OVE-GFP podocytes were visually and measurably effaced, which did not occur with less(More)
The importance of proximal tubules dysfunction to diabetic albuminuria is uncertain. OVE26 mice have the most severe albuminuria of all diabetic mouse models but it is not known if impaired tubule uptake and processing are contributing factors. In the current study fluorescent albumin was used to follow the fate of albumin in OVE26 and normal mice. Compared(More)
The effect of relaxation training, utilizing EMG biofeedback, on platelet monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity was examined in patients with a history of chronic anxiety. Anxiety scores and MAO activity were significantly lowered after 4 weeks of therapy. Kinetic studies, using phenylethylamine as substrate, indicated a significant increase of the Km constant(More)