Patricia Lorenzo

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Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and BSE-related disorders have been associated with a single major prion strain. Recently, 2 atypical, presumably sporadic forms of BSE have been associated with 2 distinct prion strains that are characterized mainly by distinct Western blot profiles of abnormal protease-resistant prion protein (PrPres), named(More)
An extensive study of the secondary metabolites produced by the marine sponge Smenospongia cerebriformis has led to the isolation of two new bisspiroimidazolidinone derivatives, dictazolines A (1) and B (2), along with the known soft coral metabolites tubastrindoles A (3) and B (4). The structures were assigned by 2D NMR spectroscopic methods.
Since the use of eBooks in academic environments, many institutions are implementing initiatives to integrate them. Nowadays, the University of Salamanca provides three types of access: open, restricted and loan, lends devices for reading and disseminates them thorough multiple channels. However, the good intention of these actions does not guarantee(More)
The complexity of the preparation of patients for bariatric surgery, combined with the requirement for the lifelong follow-up of all patients having undergone such a procedure, show the need for the coordination of the patient pathway by a specific healthcare professional: the bariatric nurse coordinator. A pilot experiment carried out in two integrated(More)
Time-to-event has become one of the primary endpoints of many clinical trials. Comparing treatments and therapies using time-to-event (or “survival”) data requires some care, since survival differences may occur either early or late in the follow-up period, depending on various factors such as the initial potency or the duration of efficacy of the drugs. In(More)
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