Patricia Lalueza

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A new type of implantable drug eluting device is presented, consisting of a bed of mesoporous microparticles packed inside a reservoir with a porous wall. This provides two sets of variables for drug release control that can be tailored independently. The first is related to the microparticles (packing density, size and pore structure) and the second to the(More)
Compared with our knowledge of senescence in annuals and biennials, little is known about age-related changes in perennials. To get new insights into the mechanisms underlying aging in perennials, we measured oxidative stress markers in leaves and organelles, together with abscisic acid levels in leaves of 2- and 7-year-old Cistus clusii dunal plants grown(More)
We show that Ag-containing zeolites are highly effective against Staphylococcus aureus (SA) bacteria even at low Ag loadings and in the presence of high (10(9) CFU per mL) bacterial concentrations. At short contact times the bactericidal efficiency correlates strongly with Ag(+) release. At longer times data dispersion is higher, probably as a consequence(More)
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