Patricia Lafferty

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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To examine changes in quality of life (QOL), psychosocial adjustment, and survivorship issues over time of women younger than 45 years who underwent breast-conserving surgery and radiation therapy (RT) for breast cancer. DESIGN Repeated measures, longitudinal design. METHODS Data were collected at four time points: start of RT,(More)
This study examined differences between more and less effective trainee psychotherapists. Therapists were assigned to one of two groups depending on whether the preponderance of their patients' changes in symptomatology indicated more or less improvement over the course of therapy. Therapist variables included emotional adjustment, relationship skills,(More)
Mental health problems have been studied in a total of 2201 consultations with British troops in a primary health care practice on Operation Resolute (Bosnia) from 1 January to 31 March 1996. About one in 40 (2.5%) of the consultations were for mental health problems; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depressive disorder, and grief reaction were the(More)
The nature of the association of field dependence with alcoholism has been predominantly postulated as predispositional in most studies, but as consequential in others. Using the EFT measure and additional measures of cognitive impairment, a significant decrease in both field dependence and cognitive impairments was found to occur within a 3-week period of(More)
AIM To gain an understanding of patterns of retention and attrition for student nurses on the diploma of higher education (DipHE)/bachelor of science (B.Sc.) (adult) on completion of the common foundation programme (CFP=year 1 of the programme). METHOD A questionnaire called the "interview score sheet" (ISS) collected data on six cohorts from a Higher(More)
AIM To develop an interview score sheet (ISS) to assist with the selection of student nurses on the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)/Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) (Adult). METHOD A pilot study was undertaken over a 6-month period to design and used a questionnaire to collect information on the candidate at interview. This questionnaire was called the(More)
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