Patricia L. Zick

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The structures of two zinc complexes containing bidentate benzene-1,2-di-amine ligands are reported. (Benzene-1,2-di-amine-κ(2) N,N')di-chloro-idozinc, [ZnCl2(C6H8N2)], (I), displays a distorted tetra-hedral coordination sphere for the metal cation. The di-amine ligand and the Zn atom reside on a crystallographic mirror plane. In the 1:1 co-crystal salt(More)
Poly[tris-(acetato-κ(2) O,O')(μ2-acetato-κ(3) O,O':O)tetra-kis-(μ3-acetato-κ(4) O,O':O:O')bis-(benzene-1,2-di-amine-κN)tetra-lead(II)], [Pb4(CH3COO)8(C6H8N2)2] n , (I), poly[(acetato-κ(2) O,O')(μ3-acetato-κ(4) O,O':O:O')(4-chloro-benzene-1,2-diamine-κN)lead(II)], [Pb(CH3COO)2(C6H7ClN2)] n , (II), and poly[(κ(2) O,O')(μ3-acetato-κ(4)(More)
The synthesis of a novel benzimidazole derivative with a long-chain-ester substituent, namely methyl 8-[4-(1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)phenoxy]octanoate, (3), is reported. Ester (3) shows evidence of aggregation in solution and weak gelation ability with toluene. The octan-1-ol solvate, methyl 8-[4-(1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)phenoxy]octanoate octan-1-ol monosolvate,(More)
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