Patricia L. Keen

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The validity of the NART and Vocabulary subtest of the WAIS as measures of premorbid IQ in depression was assessed by comparing a group of depressed patients (n = 39) with matched controls. The Vocabulary performance of the depressed group was significantly poorer than controls but there was no significant difference in NART performance.
Consumer demand for affordable fish drives the ever-growing global aquaculture industry. The intensification and expansion of culture conditions in the production of several finfish species has been coupled with an increase in bacterial fish disease and the need for treatment with antimicrobials. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of antimicrobial(More)
Among the class of pollutants considered as 'emerging contaminants', antibiotic compounds including drugs used in medical therapy, biocides and disinfectants merit special consideration because their bioactivity in the environment is the result of their functional design. Antibiotics can alter the structure and function of microbial communities in the(More)
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