Patricia López Cueva

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Increasing complexity in both the software and the underlying hardware, and ever tighter time-to-market pressures are some of the key challenges faced when designing multimedia embedded systems. Optimizing the debugging phase can help to reduce development time significantly. A powerful approach used extensively during this phase is the analysis of(More)
Debugging parallel and concurrent applications is well-recognized as a time-consuming task, which often requires a significant part of the application development process. In the context of embedded systems, Multi-Processor-System-on-Chip(MPSoC) architectures feature numerous multicore processors which may be coupled with heterogeneous processors like(More)
In this paper, we propose a new approach for source-level dataflow debuggers. Going beyond their long-established ability to support sequential programming languages, we describe the functionalities a debugger should be able to provide to debug embedded and parallel dataflow applications. Then we demonstrate our solution to this problem with a(More)
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