Patricia Kudo

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Despite numerous publications and clinical trials, the results of treatment of recalcitrant chronic plantar fasciitis with extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) still remain equivocal as to whether or not this treatment provides relief from the pain associated with this condition. The objective of this study was to determine whether extracorporeal shock(More)
Osteonecrosis has long been recognized as a complication of systemic steroid use and was initially believed to occur only in patients who received high doses (equivalent to more than 4000 mg of prednisone) for extended periods (3 months or longer). Previous sporadic case reports have described patients in whom osteonecrosis developed following relatively(More)
We have recently demonstrated a close relationship between the GLUT 3 transporter and the myogenic ability of rat skeletal L6 myoblasts [1]. This investigation examined the effects of over- and under-expression of the GLUT 3 transporter on both biochemical and morphological differentiation. L6 transfectants expressing two to five times the normal L6 GLUT 3(More)
A high (HAHT) and a low (LAHT) affinity hexose transport system are present in undifferentiated rat L6 myoblasts; however, only the latter can be detected in multinucleated myotubes. This suggests that HAHT is either down-regulated or modified as a result of myogenesis. The present investigation examined the relationship between HAHT and myogenic(More)
Previous studies revealed an inverse relationship between GLUT 1 and GLUT 4 expression in rat myoblasts [L. Xia, Z. Lu, T.C.Y. Lo, J. Biol. Chem., 268 (1993) 23258-23266]. It was not clear whether these were coincidental or causal occurrences. To examine the regulatory roles of the GLUT 4 isoform, rat L6 myoblasts were transfected with full length GLUT 4(More)
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