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Parametric polymorphism constrains the behavior of pure functional programs in a way that allows the derivation of interesting theorems about them solely from their types, i.e., virtually for free. Unfortunately, standard parametricity results — including so-called free theorems — fail for nonstrict languages supporting a polymorphic strict evaluation(More)
Short cut fusion is a particular program transformation technique which uses a single, local transformation — called the foldr-build rule — to remove certain intermediate lists from modularly constructed functional programs. Arguments that short cut fusion is correct typically appeal either to intuition or to " free theorems " — even though the latter have(More)
This paper provides several induction rules that can be used to prove properties of effectful data types. Our results are semantic in nature and build upon Hermida and Jacobs' fibrational formulation of induction for polynomial data types and its extension to all inductive data types by Ghani, Johann, and Fumex. An effectful data type µ(T F) is built from a(More)