Patricia J Renfranz

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Proliferating precursors to the distinct cell types constituting the mammalian brain can be identified by the presence of the nestin intermediate filament. We report the establishment of a nestin-positive cell line, HiB5, from embryonic precursor cells to the rat hippocampus. Since it was immortalized using the temperature-sensitive allele tsA58 of SV40(More)
In the sevenless (sev) mutants of Drosophila, a single cell type, photoreceptor R7, does not develop. We made monoclonal antibody against a sev+-beta-galactosidase fusion protein, and used it to determine the ultrastructural localization of the sev+ protein in the larval eye disc. The protein is expressed on the apical surface of the developing retina. It(More)
The Drosophila sevenless mutation results in lack of a single neuron (photoreceptor cell R7) in every ommatidium of the compound eye; the developmental defect occurs in the larval eye disc. We created P-element-induced alleles and used them to isolate the sev gene. An 8.2 kb transcript is expressed in the eye disc, behind the morphogenetic furrow,(More)
The zyxin family of proteins function as cytoskeletal regulators in adhesion, actin assembly, and cell motility. Though fibroblasts derived from zyxin-null mice show striking defects in motility and response to mechanical stimuli, the mice are viable and fertile. In Drosophila melanogaster, the family is represented by a single homologue, Zyx102. To study(More)
Adherens junctions, which are cadherin-mediated junctions between cells, and focal adhesions, which are integrin-mediated junctions between cells and the extracellular matrix, are protein complexes that link the actin cytoskeleton to the plasma membrane and, in turn, to the extracellular environment. Zyxin is a LIM domain protein that is found in vertebrate(More)
Many mutations in Drosophila melanogaster affect the morphology of the adult compound eye. However, the times at which the phenotypes first become manifest in development are, in most cases, unknown; they can occur at any of a series of stages. Among mutants in which eyes appear externally similar, the developmental stage of onset of each defect may be(More)
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