Patricia J. Brobyn

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The oviposition behaviour of the hymenopterous parasitoidAphidius rhopalosiphi onMetopolophium dirhodum nymphs at successive stages of infection with the aphid-pathogenic fungusErynia neoaphidis was compared with that on uninfected nymphs. The frequency with which the parasitoid attempted to oviposit diminished in aphids inoculated with the fungus 3 days(More)
In field populations of cereal aphids parasitism levels declined through the season as fungal infection increased. In laboratory trials the fungusErynia neoaphidis Remaudiere & Hennebert took 3 to 4 days to kill the rose-grain aphid,Metopolophium dirhodum (Walker), whereas the parasitoidAphidius rhopalosiphi De Stefani-Perez took 8 to 9 days at 20°C. When(More)
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