Patricia J. Bishop

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The passive bending stiffness, tolerable bending moment levels, and elastic energy storage capabilities of the cervical spine were evaluated in 40 male and 19 female volunteer subjects from a university student population, about the flexion, extension, and lateral bending axes. Bending moments were applied to the neck while subjects lay on a frictionless(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare changes in velocity-specific adaptations in moderately resistance-trained athletes who trained with either low or high resistances. The study used tests of sport-specific skills across an intermediate- to high-velocity spectrum. Thirty NCAA Division I baseball players were randomly assigned to either a low-resistance(More)
Protecting the cervical spine in situations of axial compressive loading is indeed complex. Results from a number of crash simulations suggest that the mechanisms of head impact causing brain damage and those causing neck injury are different. The idea that neck injuries can be predicted from results of helmet drop tests or that the helmet is capable of(More)
The effect of a hockey helmet and face shield on the head and neck during inertial loading was studied. A Hybrid III Anthropometric Test Dummy (ATD) was struck from both the front and rear by a spring-loaded, instrumented striker moving at 2.9 ms-1. Data were collected from a triaxial force transducer mounted at the atlanto-occipital (a-o) junction of the(More)
A study of the hockey helmet and face shield as potential contributors to cervical spinal cord trauma (burst vertebral fractures and cord injury) was undertaken. The main concern was whether the alteration in the location of the c of m or in the mass moment of inertia (Icm) of a player's head, induced by a helmet and face shield, would predispose him to a(More)
STUDY DESIGN Electromyographic profiles from the neck muscles of five young, healthy men were obtained to study the muscular, activation patterns during dynamic external loading. OBJECTIVES To examine the myoelectric activity of selected cervical muscles during dynamic loading, and to explore the reaction of the cervical muscles to different loading(More)
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