Patricia Ide

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Ovarian tumors constitute the most common gynecological neoplasms during childhood. Unlike in adult women, ovarian epithelial tumors are uncommon in young girls and extremely rare prior to menarche. To our knowledge this is the first report of a borderline malignant mucinous tumor of the ovary in a premenarchal girl. It was successfully treated by(More)
Previous reports have supported an association between tobacco smoking and cervical neoplasia. Our observations show an association between smoking and a reduction of the numerical densities of Langerhans cells and of helper/inducer T lymphocytes in the squamous epithelia of the transformation zone of the uterine cervix. This suggests a local impairment of(More)
OBJECTIVE Assessment of the appearance, distribution and numerical density of immune cell populations in the normal human uterine cervix. STUDY DESIGN SETTING University Hospital Gasthuisberg. SUBJECTS 29 healthy women undergoing total hysterectomy for non-cervical benign uterine disease. ANALYSIS Immunohistochemistry and morphometrical analysis on(More)
In one hundred patients treated by means of one gram medroxyprogesterone a week for disseminated or recurrent endometrial adenocarcinoma, vaginal cytohormonal evaluation seemed to be an important predictive factor of hormone dependency and tumoral responsiveness to progestational therapy. Almost all 51 patients, representing the responsive group, revealed(More)
Operating room (OR) directors are frequently faced with the challenge of explaining or justifying OR productivity and the OR staffing budget. This justification may occur annually in conjunction with their budget submission or when consultants are employed to evaluate and improve OR productivity. Whatever the circumstance, a simple step-by-step format that(More)
Cotinine levels in blood and cervical fluid of smokers and non-smokers were analysed using capillary-column gas chromatography. These levels were not related to numerical cell densities of intraepithelial S100-protein- and LN2-positive Langerhans cells or to MAC-387-positive macrophages in the stroma of the transformation zone of normal uterine cervices. A(More)