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Gluck: An Eighteenth-Century Portrait in Letters and Documents
This book brings together a variety of eighteenth century sources in an attempt to construct a portrait of one of the most interesting musicians of that century. Celebrated today for his historicalExpand
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Understanding harmony and technology in music education
This study set out to evaluate the use of a particular computer interface for the teaching of musical harmony to school children aged between 13 and 14 years. The study looked at a number ofExpand
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Keyboard Harmony : Some Applications of Computers in Music Education
It is not only verbal coincidence that suggests a connection between learning harmony and using computers. Expand
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Rediscovering The Muses: Women's Musical Traditions
The idea of the title is that women have long been viewed as the inspiration to men's artistic creation, while women's creative works themselves have been overlooked. This volume draws togetherExpand
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Benjamin Britten, the Turn of the Screw
General preface List of illustrations Acknowledgements 1. Henry James's The Turn of the Screw Vivien Jones 2. Myfanwy Piper's The Turn of the Screw: libretto and synopsis Patricia Howard 3. BenjaminExpand
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