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a r t i c l e i n f o In using traditional digital classification algorithms, a researcher typically encounters serious issues in identifying urban land cover classes employing high resolution data. A normal approach is to use spectral information alone and ignore spatial information and a group of pixels that need to be considered together as an object. We(More)
[1] We set forth an argument for the integration of social science research with natural science and engineering research in major research infrastructure investments addressing water science. A program of integrated observation of water resources offers great opportunities to address several environmental ''grand challenges'' identified by the National(More)
Epidemiologists search for the who, when, where, and why of health problems. Health surveys have the capacity to access hard-to-reach populations. Epidemiologic research gauges whether specific medicines or behaviors prevent disease. Founded in 1929, the Population Reference Bureau is the leader in providing timely, objective information on U.S. and(More)
BACKGROUND Vulnerability mapping based on vulnerability indices is a pragmatic approach for highlighting the areas in a city where people are at the greatest risk of harm from heat, but the manner in which vulnerability is conceptualized influences the results. OBJECTIVES We tested a generic national heat-vulnerability index, based on a 10-variable(More)
Complexities and uncertainties surrounding urbanization and climate change complicate water resource sustainability. Although research has examined various aspects of complex water systems, including uncertainties, relatively few attempts have been made to synthesize research findings in particular contexts. We fill this gap by examining the complexities,(More)
  • Anthony Brazel, Harvey Bryan, Mikhail Chester, Michael Dalrymple, Monica Elser, Matei Georgescu +17 others
  • 2014
Specialist, for their assistance with this project. We are grateful to them for taking time out of their busy schedules to accommodate the numerous meetings necessary for gathering the city data. The authors appreciate the support provided by staff of Decision Theater at Arizona State University (ASU), particularly in the use of their computers for the(More)
Using a system dynamics approach, an integrated water resources system model is developed for scenario analysis of the Saskatchewan portion of the transboundary Saskatchewan River Basin in western Canada. The water resources component is constructed by emulating an existing Water Resources Management Model. Enhancements include an irrigation sub-model to(More)
  • Roger Hughes, Stuart John, Hall, Executive Director, Rob Melnick, William E Arnold +11 others
  • 2002
When a steamroller is coming down the road, you have three choices: Get out of the way, run to stay ahead of it, or lie down and get your clothes pressed. The steamroller is age — old age — and it will remake our society in the first half of the 21st century. Everything from census numbers to personal experiences underscores the aging of our state and(More)
Nearly all future population growth will occur in urban areas. Reducing urban poverty is crucial for managing urban population change. Internet and transportation networks link world cities and enhance urban economic growth. Founded in 1929, the Population Reference Bureau is the leader in providing timely, objective information on U.S. and international(More)
Families remain an important anchor for individuals' well-being. Families continue to evolve as men and women assume new roles. Young people will live in a variety of settings within and outside families. Founded in 1929, the Population Reference Bureau is the leader in providing timely, objective information on U.S. and international population trends and(More)
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