Patricia Garcia

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Although animals of many species have been shown to discriminate between visual-spatial arrays or auditory-temporal sequences based on numerosity, most of the evidence for numerosity discrimination derives from experiments involving extensive laboratory training. Under these conditions, animals' discrimination of two numerosities depends on their ratio and(More)
OBJECTIVES Vitreoschisis is a possible pathogenic mechanism in macular diseases. Thus, the vitreoretinal interface was evaluated in monkey eyes and patients with various macular diseases in search of vitreoschisis. It is hypothesised that vitreoschisis is present in macular holes (MH) and macular pucker (MP), but not in other maculopathies. METHODS(More)
Object The operating room is rich in digital data that must be rapidly gathered and integrated by care-givers, potentially distracting them from direct patient care. We hypothesized that current desktop computers could integrate enough electronically accessible perioperative data to present a unified, contextually appropriate snapshot of the patient to the(More)
BACKGROUND Gallbladder carcinoma is a highly malignant tumor and a public health problem in some parts of the world. It is characterized by a poor prognosis and its resistance to radio and chemotherapy. There is an urgent need to develop novel therapeutic alternatives for the treatment of gallbladder carcinoma. The mammalian target of the rapamycin (mTOR)(More)
  • Mariella Siña, Rachel C. Wood, Enrique Saldarriaga, Joshua Lawler, Joseph Zunt, Patricia Garcia +2 others
  • 2016
Climate change poses multiple risks to the population of Lima, the largest city and capital of Peru, located on the Pacific coast in a desert ecosystem. These risks include increased water scarcity, increased heat, and the introduction and emergence of vector-borne and other climate sensitive diseases. To respond to these threats, it is necessary for the(More)
  • Tetsurou Ikeda, Maria Fragiadaki, Xu Shi-wen, Markella Ponticos, Korsa Khan, Christopher Denton +5 others
  • 2016
This data article contains complementary figures related to the research article entitled, "Transforming growth factor-β-induced CUX1 isoforms are associated with fibrosis in systemic sclerosis lung fibroblasts" (Ikeda et al. (2016) [2],, which presents that TGF-β increased CUX1 binding in the proximal promoter(More)
  • Patricia Mallma, Patricia Garcia, Cesar Carcamo, Sergio Torres-Rueda, Rosanna Peeling, David Mabey +1 other
  • 2016
Studies have addressed cost-effectiveness of syphilis testing of pregnant women in high-prevalence settings. This study compares costs of rapid syphilis testing (RST) with laboratory-based rapid plasma reagin (RPR) tests in low-prevalence settings in Peru. The RST was introduced in a tertiary-level maternity hospital and in the Ventanilla Network of primary(More)
Poor prognosis in gallbladder cancer is due to late presentation of the disease, lack of reliable biomarkers for early diagnosis and limited targeted therapies. Early diagnostic markers and novel therapeutic targets can significantly improve clinical management of gallbladder cancer. Proteomic analysis of four gallbladder cancer cell lines based on the(More)
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