Patricia Gallagher

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This research is a descriptive study to identify some of the factors that contribute to the successful use of e-business. The research was focused on the retail industry in Ireland and more specifically on existing on-line retailers of Irish made gifts. The study was conducted using a postal survey. The research found that specific organizational(More)
CONTEXT Wide variations in Medicare expenditures exist across regions, but little is known about whether beneficiaries residing in low-expenditure regions perceive receiving lower-quality care than those in high-expenditure regions. OBJECTIVE To evaluate how Medicare beneficiaries' perceptions of their health care are related to per capita expenditure in(More)
BACKGROUND Studies using local samples suggest that racial minorities anticipate a greater preference for life-sustaining treatment when faced with a terminal illness. These studies are limited by size, representation, and insufficient exploration of sociocultural covariables. OBJECTIVE To explore racial and ethnic differences in concerns and preferences(More)
Purpose Robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is eclipsing open radical prostatectomy among men with clinically localized prostate cancer. The objective of this study was to compare the risks of problems with continence and sexual function following these procedures among Medicare-age men. Participants had hospital and physician claims for(More)
CONTEXT Unnecessary exposure to medical interventions can harm patients. Many hope that generalist physicians can limit such unnecessary exposure. OBJECTIVE To assess older Americans' perceptions of the need for tests and referrals that their personal physician deemed unnecessary. DESIGN Telephone survey with mail follow-up in English and Spanish,(More)
BACKGROUND Patients facing decisions should be told about their options, have the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons, and have their preferences reflected in the final decision. OBJECTIVES To learn how decisions were made for two major preference-sensitive interventions. DESIGN Mail survey of probability samples of patients who underwent the(More)
Julie Brown, BA, is a senior survey director and director of the Survey Research Group at the RAND Corporation. With over 25 years of experience in survey design and data collection, she specializes in the development and implementation of patient experience of health care surveys. 1971. He served as director of the Center for 14 years. Dr. Fowler is a(More)
All vertebrates contain two nonmuscle myosin II heavy chains, A and B, which differ in tissue expression and subcellular distributions. To understand how these distinct distributions are controlled and what role they play in cell migration, myosin IIA and IIB were examined during wound healing by bovine aortic endothelial cells. Immunofluorescence showed(More)
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