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Adequate endometrial preparation with exogenous steroids is mandatory for successful ovum donation. This study was undertaken to assess the value of endometrial thickness by ultrasound and serum oestradiol as predictors of ovum donation outcome and to analyse the correlation between serum oestradiol concentrations and the endometrial thickness. Endometrial(More)
To assess the impact of endometriosis on intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) outcome, we have retrospectively evaluated 980 ICSI cycles, comparing the results of women with and without endometriosis. A total of 101 cycles was identified in which various degrees of endometriosis were involved, and in the remaining 879 cycles, male infertility was the(More)
We consider a 2×2 system of parabolic equations with first and zeroth coupling and establish a Carleman estimate by extra data of only one component without data of initial values. Then we apply the Carleman estimate to inverse problems of determining some or all of the coefficients by observations in an arbitrary subdomain over a time interval of only one(More)
The management of low responders (LR) to ovarian stimulation in cycles of assisted reproduction (AR) is a difficult challenge. Aging of the ovary and LR are coincidental in many situations, but LR is also present in young patients undergoing AR. In fact, today it is a recognized cause of infertility. When the aged ovary is considered, there is evidence that(More)
A new Carleman inequality for parabolic systems with a single observation and applications Une nouvelle inégalité de Carleman pour des systèmes paraboliques avec une seule observation et applications a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t In this Note, we present Carleman estimates for linear reaction–diffusion–convection systems of two equations and linear(More)
We study the inverse problem of the simultaneous identification of two discontinuous diffusion coefficients for a one-dimensional coupled parabolic system with the observation of only one component. The stability result for the diffusion coefficients is obtained by a Carleman-type estimate. Results from numerical experiments in the one-dimensional case are(More)