Patricia G. Smith

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At frequencies between 20 Hz and 1 kHz the impedance locus of the isolated frog skin is circular; below 20 Hz the resistive component of the impedance is frequently greater than would be expected from extrapolation of the high-frequency locus. At frequencies greater than twice the highest frequency at which there are deviations from the circular locus the(More)
The objective of our study was to gain greater insight into the pattern of water contact in relation to schistosomiasis among residents of São Lourenço da Mata, a town in Pernambuco, a state in the Northeast of Brazil. We had two primary objectives: 1) to identify water contact activities that were more likely to produce infection and 2) to examine the(More)
A to C, and movie S4). This central feature of Western counterpoint is made possible by composers_ interest in the harmonic property of acoustic consonance. A chord with duplicate pitch classes is permutationally symmetrical (P-symmetrical) because there is some nontrivial permutation of its notes that is a trivial voice leading. These chords lie on the(More)
We demonstrate what is to our knowledge the first synchronously pumped high-gain optical parametric oscillator (OPO) with feedback through a single-mode fiber. This device generates 2.3-2.7 W of signal power in 700-900-fs pulses tunable in a wavelength range from 1429 to 1473 nm. The necessary high gain was obtained from a periodically poled LiTaO(3)(More)
Institutional Profile: The Merit Computer Network staff 81 FTE 6 part-time The Merit Computer Network is a computer consortium of eight state supported universities in Michigan. in 1987, MERIT, inc., along with IBM and MCI, entered into a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation to re-engineer and manage the NSFNET backbone. One of the(More)
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