Patricia G. Smith

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At frequencies between 20 Hz and 1 kHz the impedance locus of the isolated frog skin is circular; below 20 Hz the resistive component of the impedance is frequently greater than would be expected from extrapolation of the high-frequency locus. At frequencies greater than twice the highest frequency at which there are deviations from the circular locus the(More)
A to C, and movie S4). This central feature of Western counterpoint is made possible by composers_ interest in the harmonic property of acoustic consonance. A chord with duplicate pitch classes is permutationally symmetrical (P-symmetrical) because there is some nontrivial permutation of its notes that is a trivial voice leading. These chords lie on the(More)
Institutional Profile: The Merit Computer Network staff 81 FTE 6 part-time The Merit Computer Network is a computer consortium of eight state supported universities in Michigan. in 1987, MERIT, inc., along with IBM and MCI, entered into a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation to re-engineer and manage the NSFNET backbone. One of the(More)
We demonstrate what is to our knowledge the first synchronously pumped high-gain optical parametric oscillator (OPO) with feedback through a single-mode fiber. This device generates 2.3-2.7 W of signal power in 700-900-fs pulses tunable in a wavelength range from 1429 to 1473 nm. The necessary high gain was obtained from a periodically poled LiTaO(3)(More)
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