Patricia G. Hines

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OBJECTIVE This study attempted to estimate the relative risk of developing hyperlipidemia after treatment with antipsychotics in relation to no antipsychotic treatment. METHOD A matched case-control analysis was performed with pharmacy and claims data from California Medicaid (Medi-Cal). Patients were excluded if they were treated for medical disorders or(More)
IMPORTANCE The impact of viral load suppression, genotype, race, and other factors on the risk of late-stage liver-related events in patients with hepatitis C (HCV) has been assessed previously using data from small observational cohorts or clinical trials. Data from large real-world practice samples are needed to improve risk factor estimates for(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES The director of case management is one of health care's leadership positions most frequently in demand. The lack of qualified and effective case management leaders will continue to be an issue for organizations for years to come, influenced by increasing pressures on health care reimbursement and the aging case management workforce.(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse the capacity of routine assessment of patient index data 3 (RAPID3), an index of only the three patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures in the RA Core Data Set-physical function, pain and global status-to distinguish abatacept from control treatments in two clinical trials, and to compare RAPID3 results with the disease activity score(More)
The moisture level in a hygroscopic drug substance was successfully determined by near infrared spectroscopy using coulometric Karl Fischer titration as the reference method. The importance of sample handling and proper application of the reference technique are stressed for this difficult sample type. Samples were prepared with moisture levels from 0.5 to(More)
Background and Aims: New Hepatitis C [HCV] drugs are expensive but highly effective but have created an overwhelming ‘cash flow’ problem for payers facing a large bolus of infected patients. Health plans are developing ‘watchful waiting’ strategies to safely defer treatment for low risk patients. This study identifies five laboratory tests which predict(More)
We introduced a normal chromosome 11 into GM979 murine erythroleukemia cells by fusing them with Epstein-Barr virus-transformed lymphocytes from a normal individual. In contrast to previous data obtained with other murine erythroleukemia cells, we detected activation of human chromosomal gamma-globin genes in GM979 cells. GM979, unlike previously used(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent single-site studies and case reports have linked atazanavir (ATV) with the occurrence of nephrolithiasis. The purpose of this study was to estimate and compare the incidence rate of nephrolithiasis and to characterize the occurrence of subsequent renal failure among patients on ATV, other protease inhibitors (PIs) and PI-free regimens(More)